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  • Cast / Ductile Iron Gratings

Cast / Ductile Iron Gratings

SAUDIGRATE , is an ideal product to change the danger zone, safest for everyone. We offer wide range of Manhole covers with frames, Channel Gratings, Kerb Gullies, Gully Gratings, Step Iron , Tree Grates etc.

Manufactured from Grey Iron ( GG20, GG25) and Ductile Iron ( GGG50) material Grades and as per BS EN 124 which covers all application sectors.

GULLY GRATINGS are used to drain out rain and waste water from Roads and enclosed compounds. The hinge in these gully gratings are helpful in tight fixing and also helpful for easy maintenance.

CHANNEL GRATING drainage systems are useful for surface water drainage application and installed in multiple lengths.

STEP IRONS available in Hot Dip Galvanised and Plastic coated finishes, Manufactured as per BS EN 1247 standards.

Areas of Application: Pedestrians, Footways, Carparks, Kerbside channels , Carriage ways, Docks, Airports, and Various trench cover applications in warehouses etc.

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