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FRP / GRP Gratings

Molded Gratings

Saudi Grate molded gratings are manufactured with continuous fiberglass strands, thoroughly wetted with chemical resistant polyester resin, interwoven between each other forming a one-piece structure by means of an exclusive mechanized processor (TEKNOTEX).

Advantages of molded gratings

Molded Gratings are Light Weight, Fire Retardant, Electrical Insulation, Maintenance free, Corrosion Resistance, Permanent Slip Resistance, Safe & Comfortable foothold, Easy Installation and Maintenance free.

Types of RESINS

  • OC - Superecoline Polyester Resin
  • EC - Ecoline Polyester Resin
  • IC - HQ Isophthalic Resin
  • ID - HQ Isophthalic Resin Super FR
  • VC - HQ Vinyl Ester Resin
  • VD - HQ Vinyl Ester Resin Super FR

Meshes and Dimensions

Square Meshes

Heavy Duty Meshes

Closed Type Gratings

Saudigrate: closed panel

Manufactured in a single operation during the molding process, with the same load bearing structure as the open gratings, the SAUDIGRATE closed panel is mostly used to cover trenches, vats or areas where it is necessary to prevent objects falling and dripping of liquids underneath.


Structured with layers of interwoven glass fibers (woven glass cloth/CSM) and with integrated anti-skid surface (pure integrated silica grains). Classified R13-V10 according to DIN 51130 norm.


Thickness of closing layer may vary from 3 up to 8 mm according to the requirements. Closed panels can be manufactured also in a "sandwich" version (closing layers on both surfaces), increasing the mechanical resistance properties

(Notes: fix closed panels with at least four special clamps in order to prevent panel warping)

Pultruded Gratings

SAUDIGRATE FRP pultruded gratings are made with pultruded profiles ("I" or "T" type) in isophthalic or vinyl ester resins. Panels are mechanically assembled and chemically bonded . Which will assure high corrosion resistance together with an excellent mechanical strength thanks to the high percentage of glass fibers (roving, continuous multidirectional mat, veil).

SAUDIGRATE FRP pultruded gratings are the best choice, compared to traditional aluminium or steel gratings, especially in corrosive environments. These gratings are available in standard yellow (isophtalic resin) or grey (vinyl ester resin).

On request: gratings with different geometry and resins are available.

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