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  • Steel Ladders with or without Safety cages


Steel Ladders with or without Safety cages

Our Steel Ladders are Constructed in steel, generally to European or American Standars. The ladder and cage can be supplied as a special client requirement or standard off the shelf ladder, fully welded or bolted to enable self-assembly on site.

Finish can be self colour, primed, galvanised or painted to the client's specification.

Our steel caged or uncaged fixed access ladders provide safe, easy and economical access for applications in many different environments such as Oil Rigs, Petrochemical Plants, Sewage Works, Ships, Harbour Walls, Airports, Aeroplane Hangars, Manhole access and provide an ideal solution for maintenance access in most buildings.

FRP / GRP Ladders

Fibreglass vertical ladders GRP industrial ladder
Saudigrate vertical ladders are made of polyester isophthalic resins using pultruded profiles, for all applications in corrosive environments or when insulation is needed.

The high mechanical strength and anti-slip rung profile of vertical ladders make them suitable for intensive use.

Two types of vertical ladders are available, to meet different requirements:

  • Type "T" vertical ladder, considered the best heavy duty ladder with type "C" uprights making them suitable for installations where they are immersed in tanks or basins where corrosive water (including seawater), or other liquids are present.
  • Type "R" vertical ladder, lightweight by with high mechanical strength, have uprights with a rectangular section. Designed to be supplied in kit form for self assembly they are easy to install, making them very cost effective.

Both vertical ladders can be ordered at the length required (the standard length of a single unit is up to 6 metres long, for greater lengths they come in two sections). Available with or without fixing plates and an optional safety cage, they are suitable for any use.

Their light weight makes them easy to transport and install and they are totally maintenance free, characteristics that make fibreglass ladders more competitive than aluminium or stainless steel ladders.

Both versions are available with two types of safety cage (600 mm or 750 mm diameter). Type "T" and type "R" Saudigrate vertical ladders meet the requirements of EN 14122-4.

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