DI Manhole Covers

DI Manhole Covers

Saudigrate, an ideal product to change the danger zone safest for everyone. Saudigrate offers a wide range of Manhole covers with frames, Channel gratings, Kerb Gullies, Gully Gratings, Step Irons, Tree Grates, etc. Manufactured from Grey Iron (GG20, GG25) and Ductile Iron (GG50) material Grades and as per BS EN 124 and covers all application sectors.

Areas of Application: Pedestrians, Footways, Carparks, Kerbside Channels of roads, Carriage ways, Docks, Airports, Drainage Trench covers in ware houses etc. Various sizes available as per request.

Specification Table - Ductile Iron / Manhole Cover
Type A : Class A15 - Load 15KN
Type B : Class B125 - Load 125KN
Type C : Class C250 - Load 250KN
Type D : Class D400 - Load 400KN
Type E : Class E600 - Load 600KN
Type F : Class F900 - Load 900KN
1 The area where pedestrian & pedal cyclists only be used A 10
2 Suitable for use in car parks, footways, areas accessible to normal light vehicle traffic B 125
3 Can be used only in areas of kerb side channel of roads extending up to 500mm in to the carriageway. C 250
4 Suitable for hard shoulders, road carrying heavy traffic, pedestrian areas and all types of road vehicles. D 400
5 Can be used for areas for fast moving and specially very heavy traffic such as docks. and aircraft pavement. E 600
6 Suitable for use at areas particularly involving high wheel load like aircraft pavements. F 900
Tree Grating

Tree grates have been used for many years to help integrate trees into the urban hardscape. Tree grates provide space for the tree while allowing pedestrian traffic over the tree planting area. They help to suppress weeds and trash accumulation in the tree planting area.