Presslock Type Aluminium Gratings

Presslock Type Aluminum Gratings

Our Aluminum Gratings are preferred over others due to the advantage of Light weight, Corrosion resistant, aesthetic, non-sparkling and easy maintenance.

Saudi Grate Aluminum Gratings are the perfect solutions for walkways, Drainage trench covers in highly corrosive Chemical, Pharma industry, Food Processing, Dairy farms, Breweries, Waste Water Treatment and District cooling plants, Oil & Gas, Petro chemical Industry and in Marine, Ship Building industry. It is also extensively used for facade, cladding applications in Architectural projects.

Press Locked Aluminum Gratings

In Press Lock Type Aluminum Gratings, both the Load Bearing and Transverse Bars are Flat Materials. Press lock Gratings are manufactured by Notching the Load Bearing Bars and then Interlocking with cross Bars at Very High Pressure and then tack welded.