Steel Gratings

Electro Forged Type Gratings

Electro forged grating can be defined as a series of metal bars positioned vertically, placed an equal distance apart and joined by cross members by passing high current (2500 KVA) Simultaneously very high hydraulic pressure will be applied to forge weld these together rectangular pattern. EFG gratings are typically manufactured from mild carbon steel and can be supplied in hot dip galvanized finish.

Press Lock Type Gratings

Saudigrate Press lock gratings are manufactured by notching the load-bearing bars and then interlocking with crossbars at very high pressure. These types of gratings are manufactured from mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum materials.

Heavy Duty Gratings

Manually Welded Heavy Duty Gratings are designed to meet the need for gratings subject to heavy rolling and static loads such as highways, plant floors, loading docks, inlet covers, and airports. Since these conditions can range from light-duty forklifts to semi-trucks and trailers carrying maximum allowable highway loads, Heavy-duty gratings are manufactured in a wide variety of bar sizes and spacing.

Trench & Custom-Made Gratings

Saudigrate can offer Solutions based on your applications, the grating specification and choices are same as above, but the grating panels are fabricated and supplied as per client’s project requirements. (exactly as per drawings). Toe plates / kick plates, nosing shall be welded to the gratings as per client drawings

Stair Treads

Saudigrate Steel Stair Treads are manufactured from Electro forged Steel Gratings with an Anti-slip Nosing Bar at the front edge Plus End Plates with Drilled / Slotted Holes on the Sides which will allow for Bolting to Stair Stringers.